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IJPMR 2005 April; Volume 16, Number 1



Thoughts on the Management of Osteoporosis. Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1. Oral Health Status in Indian Children with Cerebral Palsy - A Pilot Study. Dr M Nallegowda, Dr V MathurV, Dr U Singh, Dr H Prakash H, Dr M Khanna, Dr G Sachdev, Dr SL Yadav, Dr S Wadhwa, Dr G Handa

2. Study of Surface Electromyographic Changes in Paraspinal Muscles Following Spinal Muscle Strengthening Exercises in Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients. Dr Naorem Ajit Singh, Dr U Singh, Dr S Wadhwa, Dr SL Yadav, Dr Suresh Ramakrishnan, Dr Pallab Das, Dr SN Dwivedi

3. Management of Crouch in Cerebral Palsy Diplegia. Dr. Kunjabasi Wangjam, Dr. Ak. Joy Singh, Dr. L. Nilachandra Singh

4. Epidemiology and Rehabilitation of Hip Fractures in the Geriatric Population. Dr. Vivek Trikha, Prof. Shishir Rastogi

5. Krukenberg Operation: Revisited. Brig Gurjit Singh, Maj Gen S K Jain (Retd), Col G Ravindranath, Lt Col AK Pithawa

Technical Note

6. Fabrication of Total Contact Socket Made up of High-Density Polyethylene using Vacuum Forming Technique with Below-Knee Exoskeletal Jaipur Prosthesis. Dr MK Mathur, Dr Anupam Gupta

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2005

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