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IJPMR 2006 April; Volume 17, Number 1



Neural Prosthesis - Past, Present and Future. Dr Gita Handa

Original Papers

1. Challenges in the Management of Pressure Ulcers. Dr Ritu Majumdar, Dr SY Kothari, Dr Ajay Gupta

2. Significance of Grip Strength in Geriatric Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study. Dr Sindhu Vijayakumar, Dr Diganta Borah, Dr U Singh

3. Post-Stroke Psychiatric Morbidity Among Hemiplegics in Manipur. Dr. Ak. Joy Singh, Dr Rk Lenin, Dr Kunjabasi Wangjam, Dr. L. Nilachandra Singh

4. Associated Handicaps in Cerebral Palsy. Dr Ritu Majumdar, Dr Nonica Laisram, Dr Shipra Chowdhary

5. Comparison of Static Weight-Bearing and Static Sway in Below Knee Amputees Trained Conventional versus Visual Biofeedback Techniques using Dynamic Posturography. Dr Ajay Gupta, Dr Rajendra Sharma

Case Report

6. Symphalangism in an Indian Family. Dr Diganta Borah, Dr Sanjay Wadhwa, Dr U Singh, Dr Anil Kumar Gupta

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2006

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