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IJPMR 2006 October; Volume 17, Number 2



Pricks, Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1. Adverse Effects of Low-Dose Methotrexate in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Dr Ali Mohammad Buhroo, Dr Asif Nazir Baba

2. A Low Cost Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme for COPD Patients, Is it any Good? Dr Sachin Shetty, Dr Koustubh Chakraborty, Dr Kshetra Madhav Das, Dr Suparna Ganguly, Dr Pankaj Kr Mandal, Dr Ambar Ballav

3. CT SCan as a Tool for Predicting Outcome of Stroke Due to Intracerebral Hemorrhage at a Referral Hospital. Dr Ak Joy Singh, Dr Kh Mani Singh, Dr Ak Brogen, Dr W Jatishwor Singh, Dr N Bimol Singh

Short Paper

4. Post Viral Encephalitis Sequelae and their Rehabilitation. Dr AK Agarwal

Case Reports

5. Multiple Disabilities - Challenges in Rehabilitation. Dr Sindhu Vijayakumar, Dr Anil Kumar Gupta, Dr M Moinuddin Araf, Dr Diganta Borah, Dr SL Yadav, Dr U Singh, Dr Sanjay Wadhwa

6. Role of Electrical Stimulation of Palate in Patients of Lateral Medullary Syndrome with Dysphagia. Dr RK Ghatak, Dr BK Chaudhury, Dr Ambar Ballav, Dr AK Palit, Dr SC Mukherjee

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2006

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