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IJPMR 2008 April; Volume 19, Number 1



Ethical Issues in Physiatrist Practice.  Dr Gita Handa

Review Article

1. Stem Cells in PMR Practices.  Dr Ak. Joy Singh, Dr L. Suresh Roy

Original Papers

2. Dynamic Evaluation of the Venous Pressure During Passive Plantar Flexion and Dorsiflexion Exercises with the RAGodoy® Apparatus. José Maria Pereira de Godoy, Maria de Fátima Guerreiro Godoy, Fernando Batigália,Maria Inês Geraldi Xavier

3. Design & Development of Lower Extremity Paediatric Prosthesis, a Requirement in Developing Countries. Prasanna K Lenka, Dr Amit R Chowdhury, Dr Ratnesh Kumar

4. A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Phenol Blocks to Peripheral Nerves in Reducing Spasticity in Patients with Paraplegia and Brain Injury. Dr. E. Rajendra Kumar, Dr. Venugopal. K, Dr. George Tharion, Dr. S. Bhattacharji

Case Reports

5. Catatonia and Multiple Pressure Ulcers: A Rare Complication in Rehabilitation Setting.
Dr Abhishek Srivastava, Dr Anupam Gupta, Dr Pratima Murthy, Dr T Murali

6. Acupuncture as a Modality in Low Back Pain.  Dr RK Ghatak, Dr Tusher Kanti Das

7. Salvaging a Psycho-Flexed Hand. Dr Abhishek Srivastava, Dr Anupam Gupta, Dr Ravi Kumar, Dr BN Gangadhar,  Dr T Murali

Other Reports

WHO Fellowship Report: In Country Fellowship on SCI at SJ Hospital, New Delhi
Dipen Roy

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2008

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