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IJPMR 2009 April; Volume 20, Number 1



Is There a Hidden Patient? Handa G

Save the Earth, Let's go Green. Singh U

Original Papers

1. HIV Associated Arthritis. Singh AJ, Singh N, Singh B, Singh YN

2. Effect of Alprazolam in Spasticity: A Pilot Study. Prakash O, Singh U, Yadav SL, Kishore K, Handa G, Dwivedi SN.

3. Effect of Play and Exposure on Development of Children with Intellectual Disabilities through Community-Based Rehabilitation, India. Lakhan R.

4. Cognitive Rehabilitation in Stroke Cases. Pandey SK, Iswarari S, Ballav A, Kumar R, Das KM, Chakraborty K.

5. Effect of Task-specific Training on Gait Parameters in Hemiparetic Stroke Patients. Kaur J, Kumar A.

Drug Review

6. Lornoxicam: a Newer NSAID.  Byrav PDS, Medhi B, Prakash A, Patyar S, Wadhwa S.

Case Reports

7. Myasthenia Gravis in a Patient with HIV. Singh YN, Singh AJ, Ozukum I, Singh LN.

8. Contractures and Drug Abuse. Srikumar V, Wadhwa S, Singh U, Yadav SL, Handa G.

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2009

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