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IJPMR 2010 October; Volume 21, Number 2



Adieu. Singh U

Original Papers

1. Structured Rehabilitation Exercise Program in Parkinson’s Disease. Srikumar V, Wadhwa S, Singh U, Yadav SL, Behari M, Dwivedi SN.

2. Profile of Reconstructive Surgery Cases in Leprosy in Central UP India: Experience of PPP Model. Kumar V, Agarwal AK, Singh AK.

3. The Efficacy of the Endoskeletal Assessment of Cross Talk Between Fine Wire EMG from Soleus and Surface EMG from the Gastrocnemius. Prakash H, Solomons C, Devasahayam S, Subhia E.

4. F-Wave Parameters of Normal Ulnar and Median Nerves. Ghosh S.

Case Reports

5. Levetiracetam and Speech Therapy in Aphasia from Penetrating Brain Injury: Could It Be the Way To Recovery. Ayyoub Z, Ben-Youssef R.

6. Congenital Absence of All Four Limbs-A Rehabilitation Challenge. Singh NJ, Keshkar S, Equbal A, Kumar R.


7. ICF in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Prakash H, Anand V.

New Clinical Sign

8. Hand on Head Sign: A New Clinical Sign. Chaudhury AR.

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 2010

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