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IJPMR 2011 December; Volume 22, Number 3
IJPMR December 2011


New Frontiers in Rehabilitation. UN Nair

Original Article

1.  Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Quality of Life in Stable Angina. Farida Khatun Chobi, Taslim Uddin, Mohd Azizur Rahman, Golam Nabi, M Imamur Rashid

Case Reports

1. Bilateral Spontaneous Rupture of Achilles Tendon _ A Case Report. Naorem Bimol, Asem Rangita Chanu, Bijendra Rai, K Wangjam

2. Terson's Syndrome : Experience of Two Patients in Acute Neurorehabilitation Ward. Ganesh Bavikatte, M Eshiett, A Hassoon

Abstracts IAPMRCON 2012

1. Platform Presentations.

2. Poster Presentations.

PG Forum

A. Rehab challenges.

B, C. Book Review/Journal Article information

D. Rehab Quiz.


Editorial Board and IAPMR Executive Council

Medical Philately

Disclaimer: The contents of this journal are not for the consumption of general population and are also not intended to help the public use this information to treat any medical condition or indulge in practice of rehabilitation of the persons with disability, themselves.  The public in its own interest is advised to consult their doctor for advice on the management of their medical conditions. 

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