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IJPMR 1997-1998; Volumes: 8 and 9



Editor's Note: Dr U Singh

Original Papers

1. Common Personal Nerve Decompression in Leprosy. Dr GN Malaviya, Dr Sajid Husain

2. Medico-legal Problems in Sports Medicine (Case Studies). Dr AK Joy Singh, Dr A Momonchand, Dr Brogen Singh Akoijam, Dr M Debendra Singh

3. Comparative Sutdy of HDPE Below Knee Prosthesis with Jaipur Foot and Laminated Below Knee Prosthesis with SACH Foot – Cost, Efficacy and Utility in Rural Setting. Dr Nilo Z Kiba, Dr U Singh, Dr AK Joy Singh, Dr Gita Handa

4. Is it a “Disuse Pain syndrome” – A Cause for Undiagnosed Knee Pain? Dr Ashesh Ray Chaudhury, Dr S Wadhwa, Dr U Singh, Dr SL Yadav

5. Long Term Morbidity in Persons with Neuropathic Bowel. Dr G Tharion, Dr G Kurein, Dr AS Macaden, Dr K Venugopal, Dr G Nagarajan,  Dr S Bhattacharji

6. Challenges in the Conservative Management of Intervertebral Disc Prolapse. Dr U. Singh, Dr Gita Handa, Dr VS Gogia

7. Study of Social and Vocational Status in MentallySubnormal Children. Dr GA Joshi, Dr U Singh, Dr SL Yadav, Dr RM Pandey, Dr S Sapra

8. An Unusual case of SLE with Transverse Myelitis. Dr M Nallegowda, Dr U Singh, Dr SL Yadav, Dr S Wadhwa

Letter to Editor

9. Development of Paraplegia Kit: Safdarjang Experience. Dr R Sharma, Dr HC Goyal, Dr Dharmendra Kumar

Editor: Dr U Singh
Editorial Board 1999-2000

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